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Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin

Celebrate summer with this fun Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin! This sensory play activity is colorful with so many textures. Great for motor skill building!

Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin supplies in a white bin.

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a child's hand putting pom poms in a cone.

Today's activity is one of our favorite sensory bins! 

What better time to explore with this ice cream activity than summer. There's so many different tings you can do with this sensory bin.

You can have your kids sort colors of pom poms and beads in each cone, build cones and pretend to snack, and with the older kids, they can practice selling cones to everyone in the house. Use play money and have them count. You can also have the kiddos count the pom poms, cones and beads in the bin.

This sensory activity is also great for motor skill building. Picking up the pom poms, beads and also scooping, helps so much with building fine motor skills.

The colors and textures are inviting and eye catching, and you may find your kids playing with this bin off and on for hours! After they're done playing, relax and eat some real ice cream for snack!

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What supplies do you need?

Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin supplies displayed on a white background.

Scroll down for measurements, instructions and printing!

beads and pom poms sorted into the same color cone.

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Ice cream themed books to pair with this activity:

Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin supplies in a white bin.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as our family did!

pom poms in an ice cream cone.

Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin

Author: Sweet Hazel Honey


  • pastel pom poms (variety of sizes)
  • small white pom poms
  • plastic ice cream cones
  • ice cream scoops (these came with the set above)
  • pony beads
  • silicone cupcake liner


  1. Add the pom poms to the bottom of the bin. Set the cones and the scoops inside the bin.
  2. Add the pony beads to a cupcake liner and set inside the bin. Scatter some of the beads around the bin if desired.
  3. Invite the child to explore the sensory bin.
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Ice Cream Cone Sensory Bin supplies in a white bin with title text overlay.

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