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12 Days of Christmas Punch Game

Celebrate the holidays with this cute and homemade 12 Days of Christmas Punch Game! Great for parties too! Make kid friendly or adult versions!

12 Days of Christmas Punch Game displayed on a blue background.

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candy in white paper cups.

If you're wanting to add a new tradition to your holiday season, give this 12 Days of Christmas Punch Game a try!

This punch game is such a fun thing for the kiddos to look forward to each day. You can fill the cups with pretty much anything. Make a theme, use candy, toys or other fun treats.

This can be made into a party game as well, even for adults. Use a deck of cards for the numbers and the winner of each number gets to punch their cup. If you're doing this for adults, try lottery tickets or mini liquor bottles. 

No matter what you use this punch game for, every one is guaranteed to have a blast! It reminds me of Punch a Bunch on the Price is Right! My favorite childhood game show!

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What supplies do you need?

game supplies displayed on a white background.

Scroll down for measurements, instructions and printing!

Helpful tips:

  • Use close supervision when using the scissors and glue gun. 
  • Make this as a game for any occasion. Change up the shape and colors.
  • If you don't have Christmas garland, glue scrunched up tissue paper around the cups instead,

two cups covered with red and green tissue paper.

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cups covered in tissue paper shaped into a tree next to green christmas garland.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as our family did!

12 Days of Christmas Punch Game on a white background.

12 Days of Christmas Punch Game

Author: Sweet Hazel Honey


  • 12 paper cups
  • candies and/or small toys, money, stickers, etc
  • 12 pieces of red and green tissue paper
  • 12 rubber bands
  • cardboard
  • scissor
  • glue gun
  • glue stick
  • christmas garland


  1. Place candy in each of the twelve paper cups.
  2. After filling all 12 paper cups with treats, alternately cover each cup with
  3. the tissue paper. Place a rubber band around the lip of each cup, securing the tissue paper in place.
  4. Once you’ve covered all the paper cups with tissue paper, assemble the paper cups on the cardboard and make a Christmas tree shape. Glue the bottom of each cup onto the cardboard. Cut away excess cardboard, leaving room to glue the garland, then glue the garland around the cups.
  5. Number each cup by writing on the tissue paper. Start the countdown and get a daily treat in the 12 days before Christmas!
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