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20+ Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

Make unforgettable Christmas memories with your kids with one or a few of these 20+ Christmas traditions! Such a blast for the whole family during the holidays!

a light up christmas tree with text that says 20+ Christmas Traditions to Try This Year.

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Gifts are great. There is no denying the joy on our faces as a receiver of some unknown present given to us by a loved one. 

On the same note, there is no denying the joy we get looking at the face of a loved one light up as they receive a gift from us. Those moments are priceless. Not the gift itself, that will eventually be outgrown or used up, or heaven forbid, broken. It's the moment that is the memory we cherish. 

Traditions fill our lives with moments, traditions give the gift of time spent together. Whether it is making care packages for the homeless, or driving around to look at lights. Check out these 20+ Christmas traditions worth a try this year. You can make the holiday season more exciting and enjoyable while celebrating as a family and making those priceless unforgettable memories.

1. Make Holiday Decorations Together

a christmas tree ornament made of paper straws.

Get crafty and buy supplies to make holiday decorations together. You can spend hours as a family putting different decorations together and then hanging them up around the home, including on the walls and the windows of your home.

Give these Christmas tree ornaments a try:

2. Watch a Christmas Movie on Christmas Eve

Look for a good Christmas movie to watch on Christmas Eve with the family. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone

You can set things up while offering assorted drinks, snacks and sweets.

Give these fun Christmas treats a try with your movie:

3. Open One Gift on Christmas Eve

wrapped christmas gifts stacked in front of a tree.

Let each person in the house open a gift on Christmas Eve. It gets them excited for the following day when they’ll have even more items available to unwrap and open!

4. Visit a Local Light Show

Look for details on local light shows and take the children to see one. Be sure to go to one of the best light shows in the area to provide the best possible experience. With some light shows, you can even walk through them. However, there are other light shows that require visitors to drive through in their vehicles. No matter which one you choose, you can have a great time with your family.

5. Get Matching Christmas Pajamas

Buy matching Christmas pajamas for each person in the household to wear. Everyone can make sure to wear their pajamas on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It’s a great tradition to start.

Find matching pajama sets on Amazon here!

6. Do a Secret Santa

Consider doing a Secret Santa with your closest friends and family. It’s a fun way to buy something special while anticipating a gift from a secret someone.

7. Ride Through the Neighborhood to Look at Holiday Lights

Take a ride through the neighborhood to look at all the holiday lights. It’s so peaceful and relaxing to see the neat and colorful decorations that neighbors put up for the season. Another wonderful tradition that would prepare your family for Christmas is visiting nearby neighborhoods looking at the colorful Christmas lights and decorations. 

8. Do a Cookie Exchange

christmas cookies lined up on a platter.

Consider doing a cookie exchange with other friends and family members or neighbors. Bake delicious Christmas-themed cookies to swap with different people. It’s lots of fun to make these cookies together.

Give these delicious cookie recipes a try:

9. Go Caroling

Consider going caroling! It’s a tradition that has been around for centuries, but not many people do it these days. You can bring the tradition back to life while caroling with the kids and your partner.

10. Decorate the Tree While Listening to Christmas Music

a light up christmas tree in a dark room.

Put on some Christmas music and start decorating the tree with the family. Add decorations, tinsel, garland, and any other items you like to put on the tree while singing along to some of your favorite holiday songs.

11. Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Buy sweaters and decorate them to create ugly Christmas sweaters together. You can add all kinds of things to the sweaters, including Christmas balls, glitter, sequins, and more. Most of these things can be found at the thrift store or a craft store.

12. Decorate the Windows with Clings Together

Get some holiday clings for the windows and get the children to help you hang them. It’s a great way to spend some time together while decorating. Check out these fun Christmas window clings!

13. Have a Christmas Eve Potluck

Think about having a Christmas Eve appetizer and dessert potluck. Each family can bring something over to your house, such as meatballs, cookies, bars, snacks, wings and more! You’ll have plenty of delicious food available to choose from while gathering together to eat.

These recipes are great for a Christmas Eve Potluck:

14. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

white hot chocolate in a white mug.

Make some homemade hot chocolate with the kids and let them get creative by adding extras to their beverages, including sprinkles, syrups, and marshmallows. Who doesn’t love a delicious cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?

Try these amazing hot chocolate recipes:

15. Prepare Christmas-Themed Cinnamon Rolls

Get in the kitchen and prepare some Christmas-themed cinnamon rolls. You can use red or green food coloring to the glaze when you prepare it before drizzling it over your cinnamon rolls. These Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls are super fun!

16. Decorate Stockings for the Tree

Decorate mini stockings that you can hang on the tree or near the tree. You can buy blank stockings and decorate them with glitter, sequins, paint, and more.

17. Play a Game the Night Before Christmas

Choose a game that you can play with the family on the night before Christmas. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones while sharing laughs and good times.

Some of our favorite games:

18. Make Blessing Bags for the Homeless

contents of a blessing bag on a wooden background.

Do something nice for others this holiday season by making blessing bags for the homeless. It shows children the importance of giving back and being there for others, including the less fortunate who may be struggling. Check out how to pack a blessing bag!

19. Make a Gingerbread House

Buy a gingerbread house kit and put it together with your loved ones. It’s fun adding different elements to the gingerbread house to make it look presentable. You can also make your own gingerbread house! Check out The Best Gingerbread House recipe!

20. Visit an Ice Skating Rink

Check out a local ice skating rink for a night of fun on the ice. You don’t have to be a professional ice skater to have a good time on the rink.

21. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm to Cut your own Tree

Go to a local Christmas tree farm and pick out your tree before chopping it down and bringing it home. Let the kids help with the selection process.

22. Make a Christmas Treat Together

peppermint oreo cookie balls on a black plate.

Decide on a dessert that you’d like to prepare for Christmas dinner and then prepare it together. You can get the kids to lend a helping hand with making whatever it is you decide to serve, such as pie. Peppermint Oreo Cookie Balls are one of our favorites!

23. Create a Holiday Trivia Game

Make your own holiday trivia game to play with the children. Use different questions on holiday-themed things, such as Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus to make it more exciting. If you don't feel like making a game, you can check out this one on Amazon!

24. Collect Logs for the Fireplace

Go out together to collect logs for the fireplace. It will even keep your family all warm and cozy while snuggled up close to the fire this Christmas. To make it easier on yourself, encourage your kids to help with collecting the firewood. 


25. Do the 12 Days of Christmas Punch Game




I hope you enjoy these ideas and find some new traditions to try with your family!

Christmas gifts piled in front of a tree with a title text overlay.

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